Tuesday, May 1, 2007

BoSacks Speaks Out: Fastest-Growing Ad Medium?

BoSacks Speaks Out: Fastest-Growing Ad Medium?

Does anyone on this list think that advertising in the Cinema is not an absolute abominable intrusion?

How would you feel if you paid for Broadway tickets to see Phantom of the Opera and before the Curtain rises for your expensive evening's entertainment, you had to sit through 10 or 15 minutes of advertising? Why should going to the movies be considered any different?

My reaction is pure disgust. We now have a situation where it costs over $10.00 per person to see a movie, and then I get the privilege of getting assaulted by unwanted advertising before my paid for entertainment starts. I must admit that I like the coming attractions, which is of course a style of advertising, but that is okay with me. It is consistent with the evening's expectations and agenda. But being forced to watch generalized consumer advertising is wrong, and I shutter to think, as the article below suggests, that it will be growing at a faster pace then the Internet, TV or magazine advertising.

We better get a consumer watch group started right now, and at the very least put a legal limit on cinema advertising. How about this -- five years from now the ads can't play for a longer time than the actual movie runs? Does that seem fair to you? 50% advertising and 50% movie? If not that, where should we draw the line?


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